Thursday, July 30, 2009

What happened here?

So, if anyone has stopped by to read this blog, you might have wondered.......hmmmmm, she started this and then - poof! - she disappeared. Well, I can explain. First, though, do you ever make plans and then somehow things just don't go like you think they will? Well, that kind of happened with this blog. I had this great idea that I would blog about the items on display in our exhibit at the Scott County Historical Society. And then, just a couple days before our opening, I realized that if I posted photos and talked about the exhibit that it would "give it away" and we wanted people to come see it. I realize that many of you are miles away and can't see this exhibit but many who read my blog live nearby so we want them to travel and visit the museum. That was part of the purpose.......share the talents and skills of our group of stitcher's which will in turn bring visitor's and awareness to the museum. So, here I was writing that I would share about the exibit and then realizing that I really shouldn't do that because it defeated the purpose of the exhibit. I wasn't sure what to do. I was really bummed that I had not thought this out more carefully. I considered deleting the blog but decided to leave it and think about how to proceed. Well, it's been four months and I think it's time I thought about how to make this blog work. So, here's my plan................if you live nearby and are reading what I write, please also go to visit the exhibit because it looks so marvelous in person. The exhibit ends in October and there are several activities planned between now and then. Check it out at to learn more.

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