Thursday, February 26, 2009

A warm place to meet..........

It was wonderful to hold regular meetings in a warm place. That seed that blossomed in the late 1990's had come to "full bloom" in the Millennium year of 2000! We enjoyed gathering to share fabrics, stitch our blocks, enjoy a potluck, stories of our families, all those things that enrich our lives. We got so much stitching done and had so much to share that it wasn't long before we were talking of hosting an exhibit.
In March of 2001, we presented our work in an exhibit that honored Women's History Month. As the years went by we continued to stitch and shared things for other exhibits of Sunbonnet Sue quilts and Aprons and Hats and Basket Quilts, always in honor of Women's History Month.

And now we are here's Women's History Month and we are back with an exhibit of Crazy Quilting. This one is different. Instead of just one month, this time it's over six months that this exhibit will be in place. Each month (except July) there will be special activities going on at the museum so that others can learn the art of crazy quilting. As we journey through those months, I'll take you along. The opening of the exhibit is Saturday, March 7th and when I return from it I will sit down in the evening and share some photos and stories of the exhibit with all of you. I won't do it all in one night, though. I'll share it a little at a time. I'm also going to introduce you to the women in our group and the projects they have made or are working on. I'll tell you more about The Landing, the Scott County Historical Society and it's home, the Stans Museum. So if you enjoy crazy quilting, any type of handwork, a little bit of history and you love a good story, then come along on this little Crazy Quilting Journey with me!
Most Sincerely Yours,
Miss Martha